Aroma Foundry

June 7, 2017

Recently I discovered Aroma Foundry small batch essential oils. I love supporting companies like this who are transparent about their sourcing and products. I had to try out a few for myself. I took some styled photos of the oils and some ingredients. I have been using some of these in my cooking, to flavor water, to diffuse in my house, and as ingredients when I make sprays or mists for linens and bedding. I really love the potent and fresh scents Aroma Foundry offers.


Here is the company’s mission statement:

Aroma Foundry was created to bring the scents of the world into your home and end any debate over what each essential oil varietal should smell like. By focusing on sourcing NATIVE OILS, we eliminate questions of whether each scent smells like it should. We source oils where they are first known to have appeared, therefore they represent the true essence of the plant ingredient. We do not source from China and India, where it’s hard to verify the question and supply chain of the ingredients. Much of our collection of high-end oils was grown in USA and acquired at a premium price. We do not pass on this cost to the consumer.

I love these fresh scents and flavors…I find myself using fresh, citrus scents in our home often!


Aroma Foundry states: You’ll never find synthetic additives in Aroma Foundry essential oils; all of our essential oils are 100% Pure and All-Natural. Potent stuff.


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