Bone Broth Resources from The Creatives NW Workshop

April 13, 2017

Hello! Our bone broth workshop yesterday was so much fun! We had 13 ladies in attendance, a great kitchen to work in, and we learned many different methods of making bone broth at home. The attendees took home some smoked pork broth, a bag of beef bones to use at home, and an instructional kit with recipes and ratios. I promised I would provide some links to the appliances in and ingredients I use. So here they are below! Enjoy!

We have another workshop scheduled for May 8th at 6pm at Mountain View Meats. You can purchase tickets here.

I love sharing nourishing recipes and old traditions. I love teaching our generation forgotten skills and I have been able to do so via these workshops! If I can’t teach it, I bring on an expert in that field to teach it. I appreciate all of the support over the last 3 years as these workshops have grown and grown. Thank you!



Here is the roaster pan I use for making 36 hour broth.


Here is the Instant Pot I use to make a quicker version of bone broth.



Here are the nylon strainers I use to filter my broth into jars.


This is the salt I like to use for making bone broth.


This is the ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar I like.


I used Trader Joe’s coconut cream for the bullet proof bone broth latte yesterday but this is similar.







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