What can a Photo Stylist do for you?

January 5, 2017

Are you sick of scouring Pinterest or Google only to snag a boring stock image for your social media post or header on your website? Maybe you’re not even sure it’s legal for you to use that image but you credit the source in tiny letters at the bottom and use it anyway? Maybe you are struggling with your own iPhone images trying to grow a social media following but you’re falling short and lack ideas on what to post next.

It can be a smart investment to hire a professional photographer and stylist who will work with you to create your very own business specific images you can use on social media, blog, and your website. This is practical for any business owner…a hair stylist, another photographer, a blogger, a mommy-made clothing business, a cloth diaper business, a chiropractic office, a construction company, a local boutique, a restaurant, the list is endless. Any business needs good photographs to help create and display the image and brand they aim for in there business? How do you want your clientele to see you? A struggling business owner throwing out some dark and shadowy iPhone photos once a week or a thriving business with polished photographs showcasing the details of their products and services?

I started out designing and styling many intimate handmade weddings and many grand boutique style weddings here in the northwest. Since then I have put my wedding business to rest and found a pretty great balance or creative work and motherhood. However, I still pick up around 3-4 clients per month where I style images specifically for their marketing and promotional needs.

Here are some of my tips for scheduling a styled photo shoot and making the most of those images:

  1. Hire a professional photographer that has shot commercial or detail images before and hire one who’s style is similar to your business style
  2. Hire a stylist or coordinator to bring together the details. Often stylists have amazing local connections to hair & make up artists, other businesses that could contribute fresh flowers or greens to your photo shoot to really make the details pop. A stylist can also manage a shot list and make sure that during your scheduled photo shoot time you are getting the images you need and not missing anything.
  3. Schedule time for head shots for you and your key staff. Do your own hair & make up or hire professionals if that is what makes you feel most confident. Work in some time to get shots of you in action doing your craft, working at your desk, or interacting with a client. And get some simple head shots against a plain backdrop. These are perfect to use on  your website About section and as introductions on social media posts.
  4. Make a List. Create a pinterest board and pin ideas of images you like and want to emulate. Make a shot list with your stylist if  you use one so you have a clear plan of exactly what type of detail or broad photos you need.

Here are some benefits of having a collection of professional photos of your business:

  1. You now have polished professional images to update your website.
  2. You now have polished and professional images to post on social media. This might bring up many new ideas on what to post about on social media each day to ramp up your following and grow your business.
  3. You now have great photos to send along to media outlets or local publications that may want to write or share about your business.
  4. You now have photos to use in printed materials like business cards, flyers, brochures.
  5. You are on your way to having a consistent and coherent brand and these images reflect that brand you are creating and growing.

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