Hanley House Before Photos 2012

October 7, 2016


This is our home now! I absolutely love it…but take a peek at what it looked like when we bought it four years ago. Pretty much a total dump and in complete disarray. It was exactly what we were looking for…something cheap, simple, an on a huge one acre lot!


I grew up here in North Idaho. It is home to me and always will be. Our first two years of marriage we resided in Spokane Valley. I really hated it. We lived in a dumpy area of town in a fixer upper that Kyle was making beautiful during his time in the evenings and weekends. But the neighborhood did not support the improvements we were making. There were not local restaurants to enjoy, the parks were littered with homeless people, and we only spoke to one neighbor. I know not all of Spokane is like this. I know there are very nice pockets of Spokane and the South Hill, Palouse, and Greenbluff boast amazing local culture and atmosphere. But Spokane Valley was not the place for me. As soon as we became pregnant with Sophia, we decided it was a good plan to finish up our current remodel and move back to Idaho.

At the time, I was a traveling registered nurse for hospice. I drove around to visit patients and care for their end of life needs in the north Idaho vicinity. This meant I had plenty of time to keep my eyes open for real estate as I made my rounds. I’d take my lunch and frequently drive the streets of Dalton Gardens. It’s well known Dalton Gardens is one of the most desirable places to live in northern Idaho. Large lots, property, a mix of old farm houses and new custom homes, all right in the center of town. Literally 2-5 minutes to anything you need but with that quaint, quiet feel of country life.

Thankfully we had the advantage of being buyers in a down real estate market so the prices were certainly in our favor. Many of the homes in Dalton Gardens are very large outdated ranchers or farm houses that take up much of the acre. We set our sights on a smaller simple home that we could transform.

This one was not on the MLS and had two tiny “for sale by owner” signs on the fences with a phone number that did not work. It was frustrating but I drove by almost daily like a creep (haha!) until I saw someone outside one day. I stopped and asked him about the house. He was renting and watching over the property for the son who had inherited the place from his parents. He hooked me up with the correct phone number and in a whirlwind of about three days we were signing papers at the title company.




Here is a before/after of the kitchen…same view…much improved! It’s one of my favorite spots in our home now.

This home never had a laundry room. The washing machine was next to the refrigerator and the dryer was near the opposite wall but still in the kitchen. That was obviously not going to work for our family. We converted the small bathroom to a laundry room. It’s still pretty small and collects a lot of clutter but at least our home has a dedicated laundry room now.




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