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New Mama Lasagna

November 5, 2016



I’ve always felt drawn to make a new mama a hearty meal or something comforting for a family struggling. I guess I started this about 6 years ago when Mary had her first little one. I remember the extreme hunger like nothing I’ve ever felt immediately after I had my babies. Nothing could satisfy that except something full of fat and protein and warm and comforting.


The pics are horrible but you can find my lasagna recipe here from 6 years ago. I’ll get around to photographing that again this year, I hope!


Many of our friends had babies in October so today I am making a big batch of lasagnas in disposable containers to deliver to them. Here are some tips for providing a new mama or new family a meal.

  1. Always make it in disposable containers. In that new baby haze, they don’t even have the brain space to wash your dishes and remember to return them to you. Also, throw in some paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils to make clean up minimal for the new mama.
  2. Consider their food allergies or sensitives but make something dad and other siblings will enjoy, too.
  3. Consider making something that has a few leftovers or also include a breakfast item for mama, too. I remember waking up so early but not even getting a chance to eat for hours afterwards. Maybe some protein packed muffins, greek yogurt cups, or a breakfast burrito ready to warm up.
  4. Don’t overstay when you deliver. Sometimes I just drop on the porch and text them when it’s there. If they’re doing great and invite me to stay longer I will but I remember how overwhelmed I was and just not up for chatting and letting people hold my new baby.
  5. Maybe text or call and ask if you can pick up anything from the store on your way to their house. I remember how impossible it was to run an errand with a newborn.



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