The Creatives Gathering

November 8, 2016


In September, my summer came to a close in the most perfect way possible. It was my second year hosting a close knit group of women around a long farm table.  It came to be known as The Creatives Gathering. A few contributed to the table decor, everyone brought a potluck dish to share, and everyone let down their guard. I came up with this idea as I exited the wedding industry in 2015. That industry was pretty competitive and lonely. The wedding industry is comprised mostly of one-man operations working behind the scenes. We all work extremely hard but often alone and often really bizarre hours.

Sometimes I found those people weren’t always so nice or uplifting to each other. Something different is what I wanted to create. Many of the friends I made in the industry were also young moms or seasoned moms. I found so many of us had similar experiences starting and operating a business and many of us had similar feelings about the industry and the struggle of balancing work and home life.


This group of women has grown slightly. This year I wanted to make sure every one knew each other and learned something about each other. The main purpose was to create a community, let down pretensions, and uplift one another all while treating ourselves to a gorgeously styled table, impeccable food, and an inviting atmosphere. This idea was something we often created or photographed at weddings but rarely enjoyed ourselves.

This sunny day has me remembering all of the pearls of wisdom each woman business owner shared with each other around the farm table during our 2016 Creatives Gathering. Usually I shy away from speaking to a big group but I stepped up and opened my heart to these ladies for a few minutes about my trials and triumphs and it totally got the ball rolling for more of them to share what they’ve learned about “juggling business, motherhood, marriage” in 2016. It was soul filling to hear others accomplishments, discoveries, and roadblocks and it was the perfect timing as we all begin to hunker down into the fall winter season and find our aim again.


All photos here by Lisa Wise Photography. I’m participating in NaBloPoMo with Blogher. It’s a challenge but I am enjoying it.

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